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Germany - Main Server   (?) Main VPS for webserving.
Main Webserver   (?) The main webserver for Operational
Mail Server   (?) mail server Operational
Germany - VPN Hosts   (?) Important hosts on the WPN (Wide Private Network) VPN.
VPN Gateway (IPv4)   (?) The main internal VPN gateway - IPv4 Operational
VPN Gateway (IPv6)   (?) The main VPN gateway - IPv6 Operational
Internal VPN Webserver   (?) The Main Webserver over the WPN ( for the IPv6 WPN) Operational
VPN DNS (IPv4/6)   (?) The WPN's DNS server. Operational
Germany - Pluto Hosts   (?) Pluto Telecommunications Infrastructure
Main Gateway   (?) Pluto Telecommunication's main gateway server (2a0d:2582:100::1) Operational
Pluto LocIX Connection   (?) Pluto Telecommunication's LocIX connection (IX). Operational
Pluto KleyReX Connection   (?) Pluto Telecommunication's KleyReX connection (IX). Operational
Pluto EVIX Connection on Main Gateway   (?) Pluto Telecommunication's EVIX connection (VIX). Operational
Pluto EVIX Connection on Foreign Gateway   (?) Pluto Telecommunication's EVIX connection (VIX). Operational
Main Upstream (iFog)   (?) Pluto Telecommunication's main upstream connection Operational
United Kingdom - Home Servers   (?) Servers tunneled through High Speed Interfaces on the WPN to Pluto.
PIHS Server   (?) Pi Home Server - Controller for the Raspberry PI Cluster. Operational
Raspberry Pi 4 8GB No. 1   (?) Raspberry Pi Device, part of the cluster Operational

Incident history

December 2021 (3)

December 26, 2021 at 5:33 PM UTC

PIHS is down again...

Resolved after 16h 48m of downtime
December 26, 2021 at 3:40 PM UTC

PIHS appears to have fell again.

Resolved after 13m of downtime
December 25, 2021 at 8:15 PM UTC down (internal also down)

Resolved after 2h 13m of downtime