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dns6.su.mt down (internal dns4.su.mt also down)

December 25, 2021 at 8:15 PM UTC

VPN DNS (IPv4/6) PIHS Server

Resolved after 2h 13m of downtime. December 25, 2021 at 10:28 PM UTC

Solution - 22:26 - 25/12/21 - An upstream connection from the switch was not working? The switch failed to recognise and connect to such, hence the sudden downtime, reasons are unknown. However dns6.su.mt and dns4.su.mt are now operational on both the IPv4 WPN and the IPv6 Pluto. PIHS is also working again. Connections to the VPN won’t have been disrupted and proper clients and server should have been using backup DNS services anyway.

Update - 21:46 - 25/12/21 - Attempts to reach PIHS via a secondary network have failed, we assume the server has lost connectivity, shortly this will be checked out, the switch is most likely to blame, this also now effects PIHS as it’s not online and reachable.

Update - Pushing until a bit later today. Tests will commence about 11 o’clock. (British) and we will ensure the switch is working correctly, and if possible, push an update.

Investigating - We have noticed that due to a probable switch downage, the DNS container hosted on the on-site PIHS server has become offline, and likewise the entire PIHS server. It’s believed new configurations have led to the switch failing, in some form, and hence the DNS is unreachable. Effects dns6.su.mt and dns4.su.mt